Metallic Marble Floors | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Above and Beyond the Look of Concrete Staining

At first, this finish looks like that of a chemically reactive stain or dye but the color and variation is much deeper.  While taking a closer look, you'll notice tiny reflective particles and a 3-dimensional effect that's not achieved with other flooring systems.

Quickly becoming the hottest trend in commercial, retail and residential flooring systems with designers and architects. SupremeCrete's Metallic Marble epoxy flooring system is something you should seriously consider for your home or business!

Depending design & additional prep work - price will vary.

Limitless colors, seamless with no grout lines, industrial grade with high traffic durability, easy to clean with superior scratch and slip resistance options.  Perfect for living areas, basements and garage floors and for commercial settings like retail spaces, shopping malls, auto dealerships, medical offices, restaurants and sports areas.


30153973881_59715d4ee5_oAbove and beyond conventional concrete staining, Metallic Marble gives you the colorful, three-dimensional look of marble floors for a fraction of the price. Using concrete stains with colorful metallic additives and a proven installation process, Supremecrete can transform your concrete floor into a colorful space you’ll definitely love.

One of the hottest interior flooring systems on the market, Metallic Marble achieves a high-end, sophisticated look for a surprisingly affordable price. For the high-end look of marble without the high cost, Metallic Marble is the choice for you.

Metallic Marble has many color options to choose from, including using multiple colors on the same floor to get a quality three-dimensional look in one seamless, monolithic floor.

Metallic Marble Features

  • High End Look At An Affordable Price
  • Limitless Color Options
  • Easy To Clean
  • Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Slip Resistance Options

Metallic Marble is perfect for basements and other moisture dampened areas. An excellent solution for retail spaces, auto dealerships, shopping malls, medical offices, sports areas, restaurants, and more! Metallic marble is something you should seriously consider for your home or business!!


Our Metallic Marble Flooring system is no doubt our most popular basement flooring design. Offering a wide variety of colors and a satin finish option to recreate the look of real marble, Metallic Marble has all the benefits of epoxy with the addition of colorful, three-dimensional designs. Many homeowners favor this flooring system for their home. Check it out for yourself and see why.

  • NEVER rip up carpet, tile, or linoleum again as our epoxy coatings are virtually waterproof.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: simply wax your epoxy floor once every 6-12 months to keep it looking brand new.
  • DESIGN your epoxy floor with multiple color options to match your basement’s decor.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: perfect for families with kids and animals – just wipe up the mess and don’t worry about potential staining.
  • UNIQUE & CUSTOM: no two floors that are the same. Each customer has their own custom epoxy floor unlike any other.


Metallic Marble Concrete Flooring