Clean & Seal Fort Wayne, Indiana

Invest a little now OR pay a whole lot more later The Concrete Protector - Trusted To Protect The Oldest Concrete Street In America!

Depending on additional prep work - price will vary.


Most likely it’s because you haven’t had it sealed in years (& probably since it was installed).  Go ahead, pour some water on it – what do you see?  If you see your concrete darken-up and absorb water like a “big hard sponge” then it’s UNSEALED & open for damage.

You’re just asking for trouble if you’re letting water (& everything else) soak right down into your concrete.  H20 expands up to 9% when it freezes - that’s why it will pit, pop, crack & flake off!

Concrete Cleaning Fort Wayne, Indiana
Concrete Cleaning Fort Wayne, Indiana

Concrete sidewalks, driveways and steps take a beating every summer & winter from both de-icing chemicals and the elements (lawn fertilizer, oil, gas, anti-freeze, UV rays, rain containing high amounts of nitric & sulfuric acids . . . & so on).

It’s going to keep ROTTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT unless you do something to protect it – CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD AN EXPENSIVE TEAR-OUT & REPLACEMENT?

Our "Hydrophobic" penetrating concrete sealer will seal the surface and infiltrate the pores of the concrete, keeping the weather conditions and chemicals from further damaging your concrete. Our sealer does not change the texture of the surface, or cause it to be slippery.

The Concrete Protector makes concrete easier to clean, is salt, UV, and stain resistant, and environmentally responsible. It will protect your concrete surfaces from the effects of exposure that cause the damage: severe conditions like rainwater, repeated melting and freezing, and road salts, or de-icers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my concrete be more slippery after application? No. The Concrete Protector does not change the appearance or the texture of the surface.

Q. Is it a layer that will wear off? No. Unlike film-forming sealers, The Concrete Protector is a reactive penetrating sealer that chemically alters the surface of the concrete, creating a water-resistant membrane that protects the surface from water penetration that causes damage.

Q. Is Your Concrete Sealer Environmentally Friendly? Yes. Our sealer was formulated with the environment in mind. It is safe and zero VOC. It even meets stringent California South Coast AQMD Requirements.

Q. Can I apply this to my concrete if I have had a sealer on it in the past? In many cases, yes. It depends on what kind of sealer was applied and if the sealer has been worn away. Most “cure and seals” will pressure wash away. We suggest doing a sample area first. If you notice a yellowing of your sample area, there may be a sealer inhibiting the penetration of the sealer.

Q. How long before the concrete is ready for traffic? 12-24 hours.

The Concrete Protector Sealer:

  • Provides excellent water repellency
  • Protects against freeze/thaw damage
  • Resists scaling & popping
  • Protects against salt & water damage
  • Resists oil & chemical stains
  • Provides an easy to clean, low maintenance surface
  • Protects from harmful UV rays