Concrete Coatings - Epoxy Resinous Flooring

Fort Wayne, Indiana

SupremeCrete has been finishing your concrete surfaces for decoration, restoration, or waterproofing for over 12 years.  SupremeCrete is dedicated to providing only the finest quality coatings available on the market.  With over 12 years of refining and choosing only high-quality coating products SupremeCrete is able to ensure every coating is a long-lasting, durable coating suited to the customer's needs.  Our values center around treating our customers with respect, honestly dealing and informing them of what to expect, and providing a durable, high-quality coating that can withstand the years to come.   SupremeCrete now has a proven product and team ready to satisfyingly deliver only the best in the business.  SupremeCrete has the technical support of over 45 years of combined experience of the best applicators and manufacturers in the business,  a team with over 12 years of experience, and a portfolio of excellent finishes to provide our customers with reliable decorative and waterproofing finishes.

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